Gravity and The Unified Theory                                           
The Physical Means of How Gravity Works and at last, The Unified Theory.

Author: Eric Sabo East Haddam, CT
Martian Dust Devils

The Martian Dust Devils give us insight into the Gravitational Aether

The Martian Dust Devils


If Mars does not have a planetary magnetic field, how are these miniature vortices formed?

 Most likely the answer is;

Meteor showers.         Like grapeshot from space.

The above picture was taken on May 13, 1999 from the Mars Orbiter. The picture below was taken on May 15, 1999 from the Mars Orbiter.

The picture below is a flip-flop of the two.

    On any given night, NORAD satellites record approximately 3,500 meteors
entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Few reach the surface.
Why should it be any different on Mars? Except that the atmosphere there is much thinner and many more meteors reach the surface.

Picture this;

A meteor enters the Martian atmosphere traveling at extremely high speed. As it travels along it leaves in its wake, a column of hot, ionized, and electrostatically charged gas. Upon impact, the fine Martian dust rapidly shoots up the column, attaching to and swirling with the charged particles in the column creating the Dust Devil.
It is it’s own self contained electrostatic vortex.

The Dust Devil remains electrostatically attached to the surface and moves along in the gentle Martian breeze encountering different surface materials with different densities along the way which cause it to vary in intensity. The Dust Devil travels along until the column cools and the electrostatic charge dissipates.

If you look closely at frames 201,221, and 241, you can see an impact or maybe impacts in the background.

Size, speed, trajectory, and composition of the meteor as well as surface wind speed and composition are all critical. Vertical impact trajectory is optimal. An impact trajectory less than 70° and/or too much wind would disrupt the column. A surface composition of fine dust is required.

The Gravitational and Magnetic Aethers

The Martian Dust Devil gives us insight into how the Gravitational Aether manifests itself. Because Mars does not have a planetary magnetic field, the Gravitational Aether is totally responsible for the dust devil’s vortex action. Furthermore, it demonstrates that the Gravitational Aether is, in fact, electromagnetic in nature. 

      Why are the electrostatic particles in the dust devil compelled to form a vortex?

The electrons in the atoms of a planetary body are not stationary. Therefore, their attractive properties emanate in a circular manner. So, the attractive emanations from each electron, progress outward as a helix. The result is an overwhelmingly complex aether of overlapping helices that manifests itself in an overall counterclockwise rotation for low pressure systems in a northern hemisphere.

Gravity is not instantaneous between any two points in space. For example, in the solar system, the planets revolve around the sun. If the sun were to instantly disappear, it would be some time before the outer planets realized it. They would then continue on in a straight line in the direction they were traveling in. This means that it is possible for gravity to travel in waves.

This is just a thought;

It may be possible that the overall plane of electron rotation, in any particular atom in a planetary body, may be coaxed into aligning itself to the local Aetherial plane.

We observe that the effect is most pronounced at 45° from the equator. A dead band arises around the equator where the overall effects cancel each other. Furthermore, in the case of the Solar System, the planets’ orbits are “shepherded” into the Solar Gravitational Aetherial Dead Band. (More or less)

The Magnetic Aether is no different. Except that it is far more focused. Each Iron atom is a magnet. In a bar magnet, all the atoms happen to be pointing in the same direction. The magnet’s aether is uniform. The lines of flux appear when a bar magnet is placed under paper and iron filings are poured on top. The filings then connect to each other forming channels that appear as lines of flux. Magnetism is its own independent Aether.