Gravity and The Unified Theory                                           
The Physical Means of How Gravity Works and at last, The Unified Theory.

Author: Eric Sabo East Haddam, CT
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"Over the Years" © 2002 E. Sabo

If for no other reason than to demonstrate multitasking capabilities and give Dover Downs some promo, I
recorded two live videos at their pool. Dover Downs is a grand 4 diamond hotel, casino, and home of
Dover International Speedway (NASCAR and Trotters) The music videos are raw footage.

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"Over the Years" Tracks © 2002 E. Sabo

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Eric Sabo Bio

Age: 58

Electrical Contractor specializing in Building Automation and Control
(Control of all types of Heating, Cooling, and Electrical systems, and how they interact with each other.)
Nuclear Background:

U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine program, Bainbridge, MD (1969-70)
Medical Background:

I served an eleven year “Medical Internship” at a Connecticut Rehab hospital, working in the Facilities Engineering Department. I was able to observe patients stricken with Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord injuries, Strokes, Emphysema, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and a myriad of other afflictions. I was able to speak to them, learn what treatments they were receiving, and observe their progress. 

Overview: In the past 35 years I have been observant of how everything works and why it works that way. Everything including Electrical Motors and Distribution of Electric Power, Pumps, Piping, Fluid Dynamics, Refrigeration, Steam generation, Chemical Water Treatment, Nuclear Reactor Construction and Operation, Nuclear Weapons of both Fission and Fusion types. Sometimes I think that I have forgotten more than most will ever know. I have discovered that most of the time the simplest answer is the correct one. I'm pretty serious about everything I do.

Eric Sabo, Author, Gravity and The Unified Theory
at © 2006

Musical compositions;

"I want to make you smile" © 1994
"Over the years" © 1994, 2002
"Its what I see in you" © 1998
"The perfect stranger" © 1998
"Lady don't you leave me standing here alone" © 2000